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X-Man's assortment of foes scissors, crabs and teeth has me convinced the developers intended him to be buck naked at all times, because those obstacles pose much more of a threat to a man with his junk hanging loose and free. There's a mission where you meet the kooky British junkies Yogi and Reggie, and they shoot you up with a strange drug, cart you off to a battle arena, and throw you inside, sans clothing. Fergie and ex-husband Prince Andrew make rare public appearance together The Metal Gear Solid series has been springing unexpected nudity on gamers for years - Snake's first 3D outing slipped in a pixelated butt, as the unfortunate Johnny Sasaki was stripped of his clothes by an escaping Meryl Silverburg. The cyclists in

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Fionnula Hainey News Reporter. Rust might be the only game where it pays to be in the buff, rather than clothed. Judge bemoans his 'pitifully inadequate' sentencing powers as he jails a speeding hit-and-run driver for The year-old woman has recalled in court the shocking sex attack that allegedly took place on the remote sand dunes. How four fearless young women who survived a Nazi death camp exposed the Attribute original poster. I'm not sure why exactly, but Metal Gear Solid has taught us that nudity and stealth go hand in unclothed hand.

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